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Educational Programs

School Curriculum


  • Admission age from 4 years old
  • We follow the Regio and CAPS curriculum (depending on grade)
  • Learners explore the world using their five senses
School Activities


  • Learners create art, baking, have reading time and enjoy science programs
  • Participation in selected sport and cultural activities are included in the fees
School Fees

School Fees

  • Fees start from R4040pm
  • Registration fee is non-refundable
  • Fees include learning materials, breakfast, lunch as well as sport and culture activities

Welcome To Our Pre-Primary School

We are a young dedicated group of hardworking teachers. We are always improving the learning environment and looking for new ways to teach your child to the best of our ability. We are always caring and loving towards every child and we work to satisfy every child’s individual needs. Amberfield College also provides your child with beautiful facilities and a safe environment where they can develop their skills freely.

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